What Are Stretch Marks

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What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are lines that appear on the skin during fluctuating periods of rapid growth or stretching of the skin. Stretch marks are also caused as a result of hormonal changes. Pregnancy stretch mark cream have become popular in the last decade or so. With good reason! Stretch marks are most often associated with the stretching of the abdominal skin during pregnancy, and interestingly stretch marks are known to affect both men and women. Stretch marks are basically scars that are formed when the skin is stretched beyond a limit, which in turn causes the connecting fibers of the dermis, i.e. the middle layer of skin, to break. There can be a number of different causes for such scarring and over the years there have been a number of methods promoted to cure stretch marks.

what are stretch marks

Stretch marks appear on the skin as a series of lines that are perpendicular to the direction of stretching of the skin. When noticed first, stretch marks are dark red or purple, but over time they fade only to appear much lighter  in color, almost the same as the color of the surrounding skin. The appearance of the stretch marks of ones skin may grow faint over time if the skin contracts back to its original state, which is generally the case of rapid weight gain and loss.

No health risks are associated with stretch marks, but they are known to pose problems for a very aesthetically bent society. While stretch mark removal seekers have come across many stretch mark cures, many creams, lotions & solutions can only claim to prevent stretch marks without really validating any absolute results. A number of products have been associated with as remedies for stretch marks, ranging from the various stretch mark removal creams to cocoa butter, and even products with high concentrates of Vitamin E and aloe vera may be deemed helpful. More drastic treatments for stretch marks include:

  • Stretch mark laser treatment
  • Stretch mark removal surgery