Revitol Stretch Mark Cream Testimonials

We’ve all heard of Revitol cream. Below you’ll find some comments from people who have used Revitol’s Stretch Mark Cream. The problem with information about Revitol is that most reviews are biased and promoted by the agencies benefiting from selling you the cream. We here at All Revitol Cream aren’t promoting Revitol or its products. In fact our primary objective is to present you all the information at one place to enable you to make an informed decision.

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When I was pregnant with my first baby boy this product was not available. I didn’t really take any preventative measures and the result was a lot of ugly red stretch marks all over my belly. I am now only weeks away from delivering my second and I don’t have even one new stretch mark… Why haven’t I gotten any stretch marks this time? Well, I have to say I think it is because of Revitol although other factors could be involved as I eat quite a bit healthier this time around. Not only do I not have any new stretch marks, but I have noticed a big difference in the appearance of the stretch marks that I already had. They appear much smaller and lighter now. ” ~ user review from

“this stuff faded and shrunk my strech marks big time. Its 59.99 for a tiny bottle. (2 fl/ 59 ml) I had a huge area to cover including my legs innner and outer thighs, stomach, back of knees and calves, and butt. (gained 60 lbs with each preg).
When i started using this my strech marks where deep and purple red. They are turning silver not as deep, wide or long. You rub it in after shower (comp. dry off) stand there nude for five min to let it dry… Ive used it since feb (3 bottles) A lot of $. But worth it to me. If you only have one area or body part it will last longer.”
~ user review from

“This product is living up to its reputation, is widely used by average joes and celebs alike to reduce and prevent stretch marks (particularly during pregnancy, which is my personal reason for using it). I am pleased with the results thus far. Reasonable price makes this a worthy investment.” ~ from

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