Stretch Mark Removal And Repair – Tips & Solutions

Besides using Revitol’s stretch mark removal system, here are some things you ought to consider if you’re looking to for stretch mark solutions intended to cure stretchmarks:

  • A popular  solution got stretch marks removal is the use of sunless tanning treatments, including both over-the-counter lotions and sprays and the more in-salon types of treatments. While these treatments are advocated by some for getting stretch marks to fade, this doesn’t work when using regular tanning or tanning beds simply because stretch marks themselves are far less likely to tan. Also, as is common knowledge, tanning beds do more harm than good when it comes to the long-term health of the skin.
  • One can also buy body makeup that matches the tone of the skin which can pretty much render ghastly stretch marks all but invisible.
  • Fashionably oblivious! Current fashion favors including many styles of bathing suits, also just happen to hide stretch marks. “Boy short” style suits, which owe their popularity to the many athletes using them since they don’t ride up when a person moves – is also known to work quite well for hiding stretch marks on the buttocks and the region of the upper thighs. Also popular are the high-neck bathing suits preferred by swimmers, which can hide stretch marks on the chest. Fashion is your friend.
  • While there are many stretch mark removal options available today, which includes the many stretch mark creams and other skin products with a guarantee to eliminate stretch marks, the fact of the matter is that many of them prove to be ineffective and often costly. You can’t possibly make stretch marks fade away entirely without the help of a specialized doctor known as a dermatologist, or even a plastic surgeon. Doctors may prescribe treatments ranging from actual surgery to techniques such as microdermabrasion and laser treatment, which is a procedure known to cosmetically reduce the appearance of stretch marks at least to the naked eye. While these techniques are comparatively expensive, and are not  recommended for people in their teen years primarily since they are still growing, it is being adopted in great numbers globally.

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