Causes of Stretch Marks

Revitol stretch mark cream is considered by many a viable option for stretch mark removal. Pregnancy, strenuous body building regiments, rapid weight gain, and even rapid growth are some common problems that are known to cause stretch marks.

One of the primary causes for stretch marks is abnormal hormonal activity. One doesn’t have to be pregnant, fat or even big to get stretch marks and scars. Stretch marks are amongst the many very common skin condition, but most people who have them tend to be embarrassed, and hence are vulnerable to radical treatments such as stretch mark laser treatment.

Revitol stretch mark cream is just one of the many stretch marks removal creams available in the market today.

Hormonal activity that causes stretch marks are generally during:

  • Pregnancy stretch mark
  • Natural growth of adolescent boys and girls
  • Rapid weight gain or loss
  • Deficiency of particular nutrients
  • Change in physical and/or environmental conditions
  • Some medications are also known to cause stretch marks, especially steroids such as cortisone

Some problems is the human body processes information regarding skin development incorrectly, which in turn causes the skin to produce insufficient amount of collagen and Elastin. These are responsible for forming the connective tissue of skin. Upon the connective tissues being stressed i.e. when they are not strong enough to withstand over-stretching, they break apart which in turn causes stretch marks. These scars first begin to show on the lower skin layers, which gradually develops on the lower layers of the skin.

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