Revitol Hair Removal Cream Reviews

Revitol hair removal cream reviewsSome people look for ways to increase their thinning or balding hair, while others have the opposite problem: removing unwanted hair from arms, legs, backs and face. Although there are many options available for removing hair, each has its unique drawbacks and side-effects that make them impractical and undesirable to many people:

  • Waxing – Waxing has been used as far back as ancient Egypt, but does not result in permanent removal of hair and can be painful. It also has the potential side-effect of burns and skin irritation from the hot wax.
  • Shaving – Like waxing, shaving has been used for centuries to remove unwanted hair. Not much has changed, however, including the side-effects of skin irritation or rash. Shaving does not result in permanent removal of hair, with hair usually re-appearing within 24 hours or less.
  • Creams – Up until recently, hair removal creams used harsh ingredients like sodium hydroxide, also known as lye. Although it removes hair to the root, sodium hydroxide is also used commercially as a cleaning agent and for dissolving metals, so it’s no surprise that it’s extremely irritating to the skin and can cause a serious rash or burn if left on for more than a few minutes.
  • Laser Treatments or Electrolysis – Laser treatments and electrolysis are expensive and time-intensive options that can only be performed by a doctor. Both may require several treatments before the hair is completely removed. Side-effects include inflammation and pain in the area where the procedure was performed.

As dedicated scientists continued their efforts to develop a better way to remove unwanted hair, one laboratory found the perfect solution: a hair removal solution that doesn’t cost a lot, doesn’t cause irritation to skin, and permanently removes unwanted hair. No doubt you are wondering what this miracle product is: it’s Revitol Hair Removal Cream!


Revitol hair removal creamUnlike other cream alternatives, Revitol doesn’t use harsh chemicals like sodium hydroxide, so there’s no chance of getting the same kind of rash or burn you get with other creams.

That also means it’s safe enough to use on any part of your body, including eyebrows and upper lips. Even more amazing, because it removes the hair all the way down to and including the root, you don’t have to worry about ingrown hairs and when used over time, it eliminates hair regrowth for good!


The ingredients have been dermatologist tested for safety. All are either widely-used in health and beauty products or 100% natural, derived from common plants we all know.

  • Aloe Vera – used so soothe and moisturize skin.
  • Glycerin – used to hydrate skin, which helps prevent skin irritation.
  • Calcium Hydroxide – one of the two active ingredients which help to dissolve the hair at the point that it emerges from the follicle.
  • Calcium Thioglycolate – the second active ingredient, this also breaks the bond between the hair and the follicle.
  • Mineral Oil – works as a skin ointment to prevent inflammation and rashes.
  • Petroleum Jelly – an ointment with anti-bacterial properties that also works as a skin softener.
  • Stearyl Alcohol – used to soften and soothe skin.
  • Cetyl Alcohol – helps to bind ingredients and prevent skin dryness.

Revitol Hair Removal Cream Reviews

If you’re still a little skeptical, it often helps to read what others have said in online Revitol Hair Removal Cream reviews. You won’t have to search far to find dozens on impartial reviews and testimonials from customers who tried this amazing product to remove unwanted hair. You can see from the reviews below that Revitol delivers on what it promises:

Donna in Boulder, CO

“I love the feel of smooth legs but hate shaving because it makes my legs irritated and often gives me cuts and scratches. I’ve tried other creams before, but wasn’t thrilled with the results. One even gave my skin a horrible rash for several days.

A friend recommended your product and told me I could even buy it at Walmart, so I figured it was worth at least one try. Well, one try was all it took – this product is amazing!

After the first time I used it the hair on my legs was gone for weeks, and what came back was significantly less. I’ve used it a few more times since then and I can honestly say that the hair on my legs is almost completely gone!”

Betty-Lou in Birmingham, AL

“I was afraid to try any cream because of a terrible reaction my sister had years ago. A friend told me about the amazing things your product had done for her and the fact that it had been tested by dermatologists for safety, so I decided it sounded safe enough to give it a try.

I put a small patch on my arm to test it and was thrilled to see that it not only removed the hair, but didn’t irritate my skin. I’m going to use it to get rid of all the unwanted hair on my arms and legs. Thanks for such a great product!”

Jessie in Ocean City, MD

“This stuff is great! My boyfriend keeps telling me how silky smooth my legs are and I am thrilled that I don’t have to worry about shaving every other day. I’m a customer for life!”

With customer reviews like this, it’s no wonder Revitol is so popular among consumers. There’s no reason in the world to put up with unwanted hair any longer. Put down that dangerous razor and stop going for those expensive laser and electrolysis treatments – Revitol is all you need!

Buy Revitol Hair Removal Cream

If you’re wondering where you can buy Revitol Hair Removal Cream, there are several convenient options. The official Revitol site offers it at heavily discounted prices with free bottles too.. You can rest assured wherever you buy Revitol Hair Removal Cream that it is guaranteed to work or the manufacturer will refund your money anytime within 90 days of purchase. There’s no better offer than that!