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When judging the top stretch mark creams in the market today, it’s important to assess them fairly on comparable attributes. For that very reason this list will try its very best to remain fair in allotting the selected products a rank.Stretch marks is a condition that effects as many as 90% of women worldwide. Common causes for these scars to develop include sudden gain or loss in weight and hormonal fluctuations.

Most dermatologists claim that non-ablative fractional laser resurfacing is the best treatment option. But that hasn’t effected the sale of the many creams and lotions available today, since they too are known to be effective for removal and prevention. Another reason for the quick sale of these products is that fact that they are fairly inexpensive.

Here is our comprehensive guide listing the top creams for prevention and removal:


Revitol Stretch Mark Control and Prevention Cream

This cream by Revitol comes in at number 1 for simply being a stand-out product on all fronts. With only natural and herbal extracts included in the concoction, Revitol offers a uniquely effective solution to remove and prevent your scars from occurring in the future again.

It’s best to apply this cream thrice a day, and you will begin to see skin cell regeneration and the conditioning of damaged skin within three weeks. It also helps in improving its elasticity, which allows it to be stretched furhter without any lasting tears in the tissue.

Ingredients include squalene oil, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D3, and vitamin E for moisturizing protection.


TriLASTIN-SR stretch mark removal cream

    TriLASTIN-SR is publicized by the company as having three times the concentration of the original product. While that is most certainly not true, they did get one thing right – it works wonders.

    Featured on the Tyra Banks show, this product is known to work on all body types and colors regardless of the severity. TriLASTIN is a hypoallergenic product which allows it to be applied by anybody and everybody.

    It contains a concentrated blend of almost 100% amino acid protein complex, that incorporated collagen, elastin and soy proteins.

    Using “VirtualPatch” and “FillingSpheres” technology, TriLASTIN works to thicken the epidermal layer of the skin, while promoting improved elasticity.


    StriVentin-SD does more than the company advertises – it actually also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

    Produced and manufactured by Klein-Becker Holdings, StriVectin-SD contains a collagen peptide complex called PalKTTS, or Matrixyl, which is a major component differentiating the product. Not only does it penetrate deep into the dermis layer to promote new collagen production, it also helps to make your skin look better and healthier.

    Expect to see some real results with this product in about a month. Also, you would notice that it improves the skin tone giving it a natural healthy glow. Apart from that, what separates it from the pack is its potential to help in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.


      Revitagen-FX has been flooded with many rave reviews commending its effectiveness at reducing existing appearances of this condition. It has also been noted that results begin to appear in as little as 3 weeks.

      The ingredients found in Revitagen-Fx include the Matrixyl complex for increasing collagen production, shea butter and Siegesbeckia orientalis extracts.

      A word of caution though – this cream contains Vitamin A, which is known to pose problems to pregnant women. It is therefore advised that one doesn’t opt for this ointment during pregnancy, and also if they hope to get pregnant in the near future.

      Revitol on number 1 is based on our opinion, study and customer reviews of those suffering with stretch marks. Similarly other ranks are alloted solely on our personal study, we therefore advice you to formulate an opinion of your own solely on how the products work for you.

      Don’t forget to ask about any queries you may have in the comments below. With that, we conclude our list of the top stretch mark creams for removal and prevention.

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