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What are the best natural ways to prevent stretch marks? We’re here to answer precisely that. In this article, you’ll learn about best natural remedies to prevent, and even remove, your scars. While some of these alternatives may be home made remedies (who doesn’t like those!) – they are all natural, and therefore come with no side effects.

Effective Natural Ways To Prevent Stretch Marks

  • Exercise

None of us want to believe it, but unfortunately it’s all true – exercise can solve pretty much everything that goes wrong with the human body, from its birth to its decay. It helps improve muscle tone, and does wonders for blood circulation. The lack of blood circulation in the body is a leading cause for the development of cellulite; don’t want that now do you!

There isn’t a reason for you to punish yourself from day one, with rigorous exercise regiments. You aren’t going to lose all your scars in one day. Same advice goes for other such blemishes on your skin. Patience is important, rather essential.

  • Dry Skin Brush Massage

Here a great natural method to prevent stretch marks – before every bath or shower, take a dry brush and rub it in circular motions starting at the feet, up the legs, thighs, buttocks, hips and abdomen. Don’t forget to brush from the hands down, to the your arms, and also chest. Don’t be too harsh with it – just rub your skin gently, enough to stimulate the generation of skin cells. Oh and, you can that bath now.

  • Exfoliate

Not a lot of people know about how important this step is to prevent, and even remove, stretch marks. Exfoliation is the process of removing the oldest (and outer most) layer of the skin, comprised mostly of dead skin cells. This procedure really helps to do wonders for your skin. We would suggest going for shaving. You can easily do this at home, and even use the cream that you generally use for your armpit hair.

  • Water

Don’t drink glasses, drink tons of water! Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but water is critical to maintain a healthy body. It function primarily to remove the many toxins ingested in the human body. Everything, from acne to stretch marks, can all be helped with consuming adequate quantities of water.

  • Seaweed Bath
  1. Cut the leg of an old stocking, and tie a knot on one end.
  2. Now throw in some dry seaweed such as kelp, bladderwrack, dulse, or sea lettuce.
  3. Viola! A seaweed bag. Don’t forget to knot this end too.
  4. Drop your new seaweed bag into a bath.
  5. Now, rub this bag (while gently squeezing it) all over your skin and hair.
  6. Rinse it off once you’re done.

Expect some really amazing results with this natural way to prevent stretch marks. In fact, let us know about how these methods worked out for you.

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