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So you’re interested in Revitol’s hair removal solution? Well, there are other options and it’s essential for you as a consumer to be well informed. While Revitol Hair Removal Cream is effective, it’s possible you don’t really need it. Read on to know more.

In today’s culture of being as cosmopolitan as possible the facial hair can be quite offsetting to the image & personality of the person.

There are numerous ways to get rid of facial hair, ranging from daily shaving to application of creams, to advanced laser treatment.

  • Shaving: this is an easy, common & temporary way of removing hair. Regrowth occurs very fast. Note this method of facial hair removal is not suitable for women, who are probably better off using Revitol and similar products.
  • Tweezing: this is little painful method of removing facial hair. A pair of tweezers are used to pluck the hair right from the root & this helps hair regrowth to be slowed. Additionaly a nose hair removal can be used for the nose hair.
  • Applying hair removal creams: hair removal creams contain chemicals that chemically dissolve the hair. Some creams need to be washed of after application as they might cause skin burns. Besides these creams need to be used regularly else the hair will regrom.
  • Waxing: It will take more than will power to have waxing done on the face. Waxing for facial hair removal will require application of hot or cold wax on which are laid strips of cloth. The hair becomes affixed to the wax and the wax is then pulled off the skin, taking the hair with it. This method of facial hair removal is painful but effective to remove hair & prevent hair growth for a long time.
  • Electrolysis: electrolysis is the method of permanent facial hair removal where electrical current is used to destroy the hair root. It attacks the hair root malamine that is responsible for hair growth. This is an effective permanent way of hair removal.
  • Laser treatment: This is a new & advanced technique used to remove hair. Laser lights are used to destroy each hair follicle. This is a permanent way of removing hair but not as effective as electrolysis. This should only be considered as an extreme measure.  Do consider trying Revitol Hair Removal Cream before going ahead with this measure.
Facial hair removal options and solutions for women

Revitol hair removal cream is dermatologically tested with postive results and approved by the FDA. This product does more than remove unwanted hair, it also keeps the skin healthy and nourished. Natural ingredients like green tea extract, aloe vera, and vitamins A and E, Anti-oxidants all work together to protect skin and keep it looking great. Anti-oxidants are critical to skin’s health, Revitol hair removal cream improves the skin quality, nourishes it and make it smooth. Using Revitol hair removal product you can receive lasting effects for both hair removal and skin quality.

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