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If you’ve been looking for a new stretch mark product to rig of those ugly scars, chances are you’ve heard of TriLASTIN-SR. This product became immensely popular when it was reviewed on the popular Tyra Banks show. In fact, that exactly how out guest writer, Nancy Gibbs, heard about this cream. Nancy is a 38-year-old mother of four beautiful daughters, and is a part-time caterer. Upon frequent requests, we finally managed to get Nancy to tell us about her experience and to answer – Does TriLASTIN Work For Stretch Marks ~Editor, Mathew


Hi everybody, I’m Nancy. I have no formal experience in writing and would urge you to bear with the informal tone I’m adopted for this post. But hey! I will answer most of the questions you have about this product.

does trilastin Work on Stretch Marks

I first heard about TriLASTIN from one of my favorite talk show hosts – the beautiful Tyra Banks. I had a question back then – does TriLASTIN work for stretch marks? Is it just another online scam? What really made me stand up and take notice was the unorthodox review on the Tyra Banks show for a product that’s only available through the internet. I must admit, this got me very interested. I had to know for myself whether TriLASTIN can get rid of my despicable stretch marks.

There are a few basics all of us look for in a stretch mark removal cream. This makes it important to know what are stretch marks, which would allow you to notice how Trilastin works to prevent them.

A quick overview – a stretch mark is a tear in the underlying tissue of the skin. This causes a “ripple effect” on the outer layers which in turn results in an ‘orange peel’ look with dimples and/or white, red or purple discoloration.

The most common causes of stretch marks, for which cremes like TriLASTIN are usually applied, include massive weight gain or loss, pregnancy, even growing pains experienced by adolescents and during puberty.

Since the cause of these scars isn’t the surface tissue, they are especially difficult to remove and can be frustrating to deal with, making one self-conscious. Cremes like Revitol and TriLASTIN, contain active ingredients that penetrate the surface layer of the skin, to sink in and work to repair the damages skin cells that are responsible for those ugly stretch marks.

What does that mean? TriLASTIN is an effective way, using ingredients already found in lively healthful skin such as elastin and collagen, to get rid of stretch marks. Soy protein is an excellent example of this. It contains 10 essential amino acids that work to create new skin cells and promote the development of newer more vibrant skin cells.

Does Trilastin Work For Stretch Marks?

After being reviewed on the Tyra Banks show, what happened is that a lot of women used TriLASTIN Stretch Mark Cream. This means we now have enough people to reach a consensus. While results seem to vary, majority of the users claim to see noticeable differences in the appearance of their stretch marks within just 3-4 weeks. Most users have also said that within 2-3 months their scars have completely disappeared. For me this took around 4 months, but it certainly was worth the money.

Does TriLASTIN remove stretch marks permanently?

Since TriLASTIN works to repair dead skin cells, the results you see will remain there for longer. This means that unlike other stretch mark prevention creams, TriLASTIN is actually able to show more permanent results.

Does TriLASTIN have side effects?

This cream has no side effects, especially since it’s formulated using all natural ingredients and helps your body by repairing damaged skin cells. You can use this treatment for any skin and body type. Natural ingredients means that it can be applied on your skin without much worry and precautions.

When Will You Results?

I myself noticed a change within the first 3 weeks of using TriLASTIN. Various other testimonials have indicated that visible results can be noticed from using this cream within as little as 3 weeks. Permanent results take up to 3-4 months to take full effect.

TriLASTIN Stretch Mark Cream has proved itself to be an effective and affordable method for reducing and to get rid of stretch marks. All this while improving the skin tone! TriLASTIN made me forget about my scars, and saved me from even considering the expensive and invasive path of surgery.

Alternatively, you can go for Revitol Stretch Mark Cream which is another great solution to get rid of stretch marks. Buy Revitol Stretch Mark Cream by clicking here.

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