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Who doesn’t prefer home remedies for cellulite? It’s convenient, it’s cheap and above all, they work! You simply need to add ingredients to concoct a combination that works for you. While some of these may be found in your daily diets, others need to be consumed specifically. What’s great about these solutions is that it’s hiding within your home – in the kitchen cupboards.

Home remedies form a part of the many natural cellulite treatments we find in the market today. This makes them dependable, and easy to procure and apply. But one should always remember that any such treatment takes time to yield noticeable results. You need to be patient.

The 3 Best Cellulite Treatments and Solutions

10 Home Remedies for Cellulite

We’ve taken the time to list below some cellulite home solutions that include ingredients you can probably find in your own kitchen. These basic cellulite treatments are inexpensive and readily available. While basic in nature, these solution can be tremendously helpful in eliminating the ugly dimples that are caused by cellulite, if used regularly.

  1. Mix a blend of fennel, rosemary essential oils with 3 teaspoons of almond oil. You could also substitute the last ingredient with any other type of carrier oil. Now, massage the concoction of those areas on the body that are affected by cellulite.
  2. Modify your diet and consume foods with low fat content, but high in fibers. This means eat more fresh fruits and green vegetables. This is an excellent home remedy to decrease the appearance of cellulite dimples.
  3. Don’t take excessive quantities of coffee, soda and other alcoholic beverages. Cigarettes are advised against. Subtract these vices from your daily life, and you’ll a steady improvement in those dimples.
  4. You should exfoliate your skin the natural way using a smooth body brush. Consider using other purification equipments meant to remove dead skin during bathing.  Doing this regularly helps boost blood circulation while reducing cellulite.
  5. Mix 2 cups of “sea salt” in your lukewarm bathwater. Don’t forget to stay in for a good 20 minutes! This process melts the fat present under your skin and helps to eliminate the toxins present in the body.
  6. Caffeine helps reduce cellulite. Never forget that! Pulverize caffeinated coffee and mix it into an your hand lotion. Now take this lotion and massage it on the affected areas of your body for at least 2 minutes, before rinsing off. Also, don’t forget to do this daily! Expect to see your skin lighten up minus dimples.
  7. Your diet is very important to remove cellulite. Reduce the quantity of foods you consume containing sodium. Likewise with foods containing excess amounts of hydrogenated and saturated fats.
  8. Exercise keep you fit and lean-mean-fighting machine! You must exercise regularly and keep those muscles toned. Remember cellulite is caused due to the excess fat. Weight exercises are you best bet to get rid of cellulite. Subscribe to a workout that targets the areas affected to see some really amazing results.
  9. Massage the affected areas of your body with coconut oil. A coconut oil massage is proven to be effective for reducing and removing cellulite.
  10. Lastly, you can also mix dries thyme together with a little corn oil and grapefruit juice. Rub this mixture on the affected parts to see your cellulite dimples gradually fade away.

One must remember that cellulite primarily affects women who have excess fat in their bodies. This makes it very important that you include regular workout sessions to monitor body weight.

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