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Does Revitol Cellulite Cream work? That’s exactly what we’re hoping to answer for you in this review, when we called upon Marian D’costa, 42-year-old mother of 2, architect and a user of what many consider to be amongst the best cellulite creams. You on to our special quest to give you her very own Revitol Cellulite Cream Review. ~ Mathew, Editor

We all wonder the same question when considering taking the plunge with a new skin care product – Does it even work? Is it just another one of those scams? Well, I’m exactly like you. I might very well be more paranoid! Especially since I’m not someone who’s filthy rich and can afford to spend money on just anything. I need to know it works. So in this review, I’m going to help you answer that very question – does it really work?

This Cellulite Treatment Does Work!

Off late we’ve all heard the buzz in the media about how caffeine and reduces the appearance of dimples that are caused by cellulite. What we’ve also seen mentioned a lot in that Retinol creams have some major positive effects on these dimples. In fact, given the frequent media mentions of these two components had me very interested to review the Revitol Cellulite Treatment. Wondering why? It’s because this particular ointment contains not one, but both of these ingredients! Without a doubt, this very fact made me have high expectations and I personally needed to know whether all the hype would actually translate in results.

Ingredients that help get rid of cellulite dimples

Retinol A and Caffeine are both popular ingredients helping us women to get rid of our lack of confidence by reducing the appearance of the infamous cellulite “tell” signs.

Caffeine can come from several sources:

  • Caffeine extract
  • Coffee berry
  • Green and black teas

This popular cellulite care ointment has extracts from both, green as well as black teas. Now that’s a combination I like to see!

Applied topically in the form of a solution, ointment or lotion, experts have said that caffeine has the potential to tighten blood cells, develop a better-suited rate of metabolizing fat and even reduce the swelling that generally occurs around the fatty content under the layers of skin.

Looking at that essential scientifically proven statement, we all can safely agree that caffeine is the ingredient we want all our cellulite treatments to include in generous quantities. Any doubts? Regular applications of solutions that contain these very important ingredients not only reduces the prominence of those much-dreaded dimples, but also improves the smoothness of the skin.

The other major component of this cream is Retinol A. Often used in anti-wrinkle and anti-aging solutions, Revitol works to improve the texture and “feel” of your skin. Apply lotions containing this ingredient daily and expect a smoother, healthier skin with improved circulation and an increased thickness of the Epidermis.

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How to use this Revitol Solution meant to reduce the appearance of cellulite dimples?

It’s actually quite easy to use. Application is as simple as massaging the lotion on the affected areas (this could be your thighs, buttocks, legs, etc). You wouldn’t feel anything. No burning sensations, no sharp tingly feelings. Once you done, you’re free to put you clothes back on and continue with the day. There are no unpleasant odors or residual stickiness to make you uncomfortable, or even let anybody around you know. It can’t get easier than that!

The producers of this treatment advise users to apply it a few times daily to ensure maximum effect.

You should remember before you even consider buying the cream though that this isn’t a wonder drug. It will most definitely take a few weeks to display noticeable results. Don’t expect an over-the-night solution to hide all your cellulite dimples in the morning. It just doesn’t work like that.

Why Not To Use Revitol Cellulite Cream

One of the best reasons not to use solutions, ointments and lotions is that they are applied topically and they take their own sweet time to show drastic results. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if one has the patience to apply the cream regularly. I for one can’t afford expensive surgical treatments and other ones like Mesotherapy and Endermologie, which makes Revitol the best bet for me to get rid of cellulite. And it worked! My dimples are gone and I look stunning in a bikini and my favorite wine red evening dress.

I would suggest all of you to give this treatment a try. It really worked wonders for me and I can’t see why it wouldn’t for you. In less than 3 months my little girl exclaimed looking at my thighs – “Where did you funny marks go mommy!”. Well Danielle, the “funny marks” are no more and I couldn’t be happier about it!

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