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Anyone interested in the Revitol Cellulite Cream is obviously interested in the customer reviews from people who have actually tried what many claim to be the best cellulite cream in the market today. Our job here at is NOT to sell Revitol Creams, but to ensure that you’re well informed, enabling you to make an educated decision.

For this article on “Revitol Cellulite Cream Customer Reviews”, we’re talked to quite a few people and also looked across the Internet. Read on…

Does Revitol cellulite cream really work

What people are saying about Revitol Cream:

Positive Revitol Reviews:

“Does work as describe.┬áThis product works as described. I lost an inch off my waist & it tightened my skin quite qell. It’s all gone now.
One thing I didn’t like was that the pump did not work well. Maybe it should come in a jar you can open instead of a pump.”

“It’s not a miracle cream for sure. It does seem to sort of help. It definitely made my legs feel smoother. I paid almost 30 dollars for it and I am out two weeks after. Two weeks is not even enough to see the results. I wish they offered you a better deal than that. I do like the stuff though. I just think it’s a little pricey.”

Negative Revitol Reviews:

“I bought this product after much research and it seems to be pretty good if applied twice a day, every day. However the consistency of the cream is very think and the pump bottle is not able to dispense the product. I’ve had to open the top and squeeze out the cream which isn’t very efficient. This would actually stop me from buying the product again.”

“I purchased Revitol Cellulite Solution in a non-pump bottle from Potential Dynamix. The consistency was like elmers glue & went on flakey. After one use the tiny hole got clogged & I had to use a pin to get it unclogged. I called Revitol and they said it should be thick & creamy. Potential Dynamix referred me to Amazon where the product was stored. Amazon credited my account so they did me right. However, when they told me to try another seller like Health Buy I noticed the bottle was a pump & completely different & there were several people who commented that it was hard to get out & the product was gone in less than 2 weeks. I wouldn’t mind spending the $39 Revitol charges on their official website but I can’t even see for myself if this cream works! Very frustrated. If something is that good, why isn’t it sold in retail stores?”

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