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Concealing stretch marks can be a better option for some, than to go in for costly treatment or even using creams like the Revitol Stretch Mark Cream. It’s especially handy to know how to cover up your stretch marks, if you like freedom in clothing and don’t want to care about what straying eyes can see.  It’s true that visible stretch marks can take people’s attention away from your – as an individual, and instead focus on some natural marks of skin. Honestly, it isn’t that big of a deal, but society has its vices. So to help you, we have some essential tips that will help you to hide and conceal those stretch marks from the public eye. Read on…

Clothing To Hide Stretch Marks

Clothes that help to hide stretch marks

Most stretch marks occur on the stomach and thighs. These are relatively easy to hide since most people wear clothes that cover those areas anyway. If you’re self-conscious about your abdominal stretch marks, choose one-piece bathing suits instead of bikinis when out at the pool. Men can wear t-shirts to the beach if they’re self-conscious of stretch marks around the belly region of the body.

If they’re on the legs, wear pants, shorts or skirts that cover the area. For biceps riddled with stretch marks – wear tops with three-quarter length sleeves that cover your upper arm. Form-fitting clothing is better for hiding stretch marks than loose clothing. With loose clothes, there’s still a chance that someone could catch a glimpse of your stretch marks. Pregnant women have especially designed clothes to sport.

Makeup To Hide Stretch Marks

Makeup Tips To Hide Stretch MarksMakeup can be used to cover stretch marks, even for men. With this method, you can show more of your skin than if you were covering your stretch marks with clothing.

For lighter stretch marks, find a foundation that closely matches the skin color in that area. Liquid foundation is good for this because it soaks into the skin better than other foundation types and can cover large areas. Dust some translucent powder over the foundation to help it stay longer and not rub off on your clothes.

For darker stretch marks, try concealer. Look for a concealer noted as a “blue neutralizer.” These have an orange or peach tint that will lessen the blue tint in your stretch marks. Dust over the area with translucent powder to set the concealer. Make-up like foundation or concealer. Just as foundations can hide acne and blemishes on your face, so they can cover stretch marks. Concealers not only help in hiding your marks but they also protect your problem areas from harmful UV rays. A paintbrush can be used for hiding stretch marks with panache. You can easily fill colors in those ugly lines for concealing them. You should avoid coloring beyond the lines.

Tannin To Hide Stretch Marks

Getting A Tan To Conceal Those Stretch Marks

Tanning products which color the skin will works very well. Usually these take a single application and your skin becomes a slightly darker shade.

Subsequent, or more liberal applications will darken your skin more. When you get your fake tan product it’s a good idea to talk to the pharmacist selling it because some creams and lotions are more effective ways to hide stretch marks than others.

Tattoos To Hide Stretch Marks

While a very thin black line should be fine, the pigment molecules in colored ink tend to migrate, causing a blurry tattoo. A possible solution to this is to incorporate a gray, cloudy background, or blue wispy sky into your design. This is less specific than a design which is outlined in black and then filled with bright color so bleeding would be much less noticeable.

A precaution after you have prepared yourself in every other way is to get a very small piece in the area you are tattooing and monitor it until it heals. This will give you a good indication of how a larger piece will turn out and it can be incorporated into a larger design later on.

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