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What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the deposit of fatty cells which gets caught underneath the connecting tissues of the skin. These tissues are not elastic, like the skin, and do not allow for expansion and contraction, and the fatty deposits that get accumulated there cannot move out. This causes that particular area of the skin to have a certain dimpled look, not unlike the surface of an orange peel. Many factors cause the accumulation of cellulite within the human body. These include factors such as hereditary factors, stress, smoking, eating fatty foods, different medicines, and dehydration.

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The 3 Best Cellulite Treatments and Solutions

#1 Exercise

The best & natural way of removing cellulite is burn it off by exercising. Exercising helps reduce excess fat & side by side tones & firms up the skin. Skin gets stretched & contours over the cellulite which is essentially padding fat & makes the body look well muscled.

Best Cellulite Treatments Exercise Diet is equally important to reduce cellulite. Saturated fats and processed foods add on to cellulite so keep away from them. Reduce the intake of artificial foods that are loaded with sweeteners, junk foods, liquor, and other high-calorie food items. These foods are artificially flavored and provide null nutrition value to your body. Take natural foods, they are not only fresh but retain their nutritional value.

Cardiovascular exercises are probably the best exercise for cellulite. These exercises include walking, swimming and jogging. Poor blood circulation is one of the main reasons for cellulite, while these exercises stimulate blood circulation and promotes sweating which detoxifies the skin; hence they are the best ones. Another good exercise is a squat with a side leg raise: stand feet hip-width apart and squat down as if to sit on a low chair. Stick your bottom out as you go down and sit into your heels. As you come up, put your weight onto your right leg and raise your left leg to the side, keeping it in the line with your hips. Repeat 20-25 times, alternating legs.

#2 Laser Treatment

The word ‘Laser’ actually stands for ‘Light Amplification by the Simulated Emission of Radiation’. Thus a laser beam is effectively a beam of light which is directed and focused to a specific point. In this, a laser beam is directed onto the parts of the body where cellulite has accumulated. The laser beam heats the cells until they rupture and move out from under the connective tissues.

best cellulite treatments laserLaser treatment for cellulite is often used in combination with other surgical and non surgical processes. The first kind of treatment is where laser treatment is coupled with liposuction. Another process which includes laser treatment for cellulite removal is called the ‘Tri-Active’. In this laser treatment is combined with massage treatment and the draining of lymph glands with a pump. This causes an elimination of tissue oxygenation and waste, while restoring connective tissues.

Laser cellulite treatment targets fat cells through the surface of the skin by applying heat to them. This heat promotes increased circulation, allowing for a better oxygen exchange, which results in an increase in the metabolism of fat cells. While this fat is metabolizing, new collagen is forming, ultimately leading to firmer skin.

This progressive stimulating and massaging action on the connective and adipose tissue allows physiological reactivation of the biological mechanisms for the elimination of waste and tissue oxygenation, restoring a harmonic alignment of the connective tissue. Laser treatment leaves the skin feeling smooth, radiant and velvety to touch. Thus, the skin gains it original texture after the surgery.

It is painless & people don’t have to go under any such surgical procedure which attracts people toward laser treatment. The laser treatment can be easily taken with any other treatment such as endermology, liposuction or any massage process which soften the tissue & gives you smooth skin in very short period.

Moreover it takes least time to recover. Hence saves time & minimum care after treatment. Cellulite reduction with laser makes your skin smooth. This non invasive procedure of laser treatment poses lesser risks and potential side effects as compared to various surgical procedures.

#3 Mesotherapy

This medical specialty targets problem areas with microinjections of conventional or homeopathic medicines, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Mesotherapy cellulite removal method involves injecting a combination of drugs, vitamins and natural extracts into the mesoderm (the middle area of the skin), directly affecting the fat pockets. Tiny capsules are delivered directly into the mesoderm that are highly specific to the condition being treated. the target area is mesoderm as it is here that the fat is disbursed.

Mesotherapy - Best Cellulite TreatmentsMesotherapy cellulite reduces cellulite formation by enhancing your blood and lymph circulation, burning off excess fat and releasing it as well as making the connective tissues stronger. The formula reduces the fat in the cellulite, improves impaired circulation and breaks down damaged connective tissue. The fat is dissolved and flushed from the body. directly to cellulite affected areas through an injection thus significantly reducing an side-effects, interactions with drugs hence allowing a notable reduction in the amount of medicine required in each procedure.

Chemical injections like mesotherapy treatment are so effective against cellulite because it actually breaks the stringy connection to the skin by breaking down the actual fat cells. Without the fat cells there is nothing holding down the skin.

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