Tips to Prevent Stretch marks – Get Rid Of Them

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Here are some tips, serving as precautions and cures for getting rid of those dreaded stretch marks.

  • Use a body brush or cloth, massage the areas where you have stretch marks, or want to prevent stretch marks from appearing. This will help in increasing circulation in that area.
  • Drink more than eight glasses of water or other nutritious fluids daily to keep your skin hydrated and maintain elasticity.
  • Use a natural moisturizer like olive oil during pregnancy as this will help in preventing stretch marks. Wheat germ oil and Vitamin E oil are also good.

  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy oils and low fat foods. Vitamins that are particularly great contributors to the appearance of the quality of your skin are rich in Vitamins C, E, A and zinc.
  • Keep the skin moisturized throughout the pregnancy and also after the birth of the baby till you get back to your pre-pregnancy weight.

Tips and methods to get rid of stretch marks

  • Regular exercise will help in preventing moderate amount of stretch marks. With the help of exercises the skin will get more of nourishment with proper blood circulation
  • To prevent unsightly stretch marks due to pregnancy, apply a mixture of turmeric and curd to your stomach and waist before going for a bath. Leave it on for fifteen minutes, and wash off.
  • Avoid hormone based medicines like steroids as they may cause stretch marks.
  • Use a turmeric-lemon pre-bath cream and massage it well. This helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin and provides protection.
  • Exercise is a solution to a lot of problems including pregnancy stretch marks. The stretch marks happen because your skin is not elastic enough. Some stretching exercises of arms, legs and spine, are the best solution. Do the exercises in cooler time of the day, during summers. During pregnancy, the body temperature is anyway high, summers add on to this temperature and exercising further aggravates that. Exercise in cooler times is beneficial.
  • Vitamins Proper intake of food is an essential practice. A pregnant lady’s diet should include a lot of vitamins. It helps to promote skin elasticity. The essential vitamins are Vitamin A, increases the collagen content of the skin, thus improving the elasticity. It makes the skin soft and stimulates the formation of new skin cells. Apart from this it is also good for hair, bones and skin. Vitamin C, is an essential vitamin for the healing process. This vitamin, heals the parched and stretched skin. It stimulates the skin tissues. Applying peanut butter, makes your skin healthy and supple. When massaging it on your tummy, do it in a circular motion. This not only is one of the best ways of massaging but also is good for your baby. The butter keeps the skin soft, thus preventing cracking of the skin tissues.Massaging the tummy area with baby oil, is very effective. It performs the same function as the butter massage, with one additional benefit, that is, it increases the skin elasticity.

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