Popular Cellulite Solutions Part 2

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Continued from Popular Cellulite Solutions Part 1

Ionithermie – Ionithermie has now long been a popular cellulite solution. this is a combination of techniques of body wrap, detoxification, massage & electrical conduits. This is one of the invasive techniques on offer and it provides some quick visible results. The principle of Ionithermie is by  intense detoxification of the affected area through the use of herbal ingredients and minerals infused in a body wrap. Then the treatment area is stimulated with a high-energy electrical device.First, a wrap is prepared with herbal ingredients, clay and minerals including seaweed, algae, kelp and various herbal extracts. This helps increase blood circulation to key areas of the body, and prepares the body for detoxification. The next step involves administering the Ionithermie device on the treatment area. The device is powered by both negative and positive ions that reach deep within the skin’s layers to create a tissue contraction. After the electric massage, the clay is removed and some massaging by hand is done to help stimulate the cells further.

popular cellulite solutions

Mesotherapy– this is one of the most effective & popular celluite solutions on offer. the reason is that it gives instant results & has more than one benefits though it is still not approved bythe FDA. The method of Mesotherapy is the injection of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and various medicines into the body. this cosmetic solution’s other benefits are

  • Help speed up the weight loss process
  • Improve wrinkles and fine lines that come with aging
  • Get rid of scars left behind by stubborn acne
  • Erase stretch marks caused by weight gain and pregnancy
  • Smooth out cellulite ridden skin

Proellixe– this is a vibrating machine that is attached to the affected area for muscleing away the fat. When the body is subjected to a great deal of vibration, the muscles need to react in order to keep your body balanced. Over time this causes the muscles to tone and firm. Also the constant vibration of the Proellixe machine is thought to help break up fat deposits and thus help reduce the appearance of cellulite. The vibration aims to target all muscle groups, both large and small. Thus giving a overall result.

Velasmooth– VelaSmooth is a non-invasive device that utilizes a combination of bi-polar RF and light energy.The unique infrared device is made by Syneron Medical Limited. It is specifically designed to improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of cellulite and reduce localized fat deposits. The machines uses light and radio frequencies that start heating up the fatty tissues that are just underneath the skin. These fatty tissues are broken apart and the body deals with the resulting waste accordingly.

Endermologie– this removes cellulite through compression and kneading. The endermologie machine consists of two rollers with low-pressure suction that is moved firmly over the problem areas. Each time the rollers come together, the skin is forced into a fold, squeezing the subcutaneous fat cells and slightly compressing them. The vigorous massaging action of the skin folding also stretches the collagen fibers in the connective tissue, loosening their hold on the surface of the skin. The combination of these two major actions results in the reduction of dimpling and puckering of the outer skin. Endermologie also increases blood flow to the treated area, which stimulates the drainage of accumulated fluid that also contribute to the puffy look.

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