Best Hair Removal Cream For Men To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair At Home

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The purpose of this guide is to help you figure out the best hair removal cream for men. Being a man myself I’ve had to deal with the uphill task of finding a cream that actually works on my coarse and rough hair growth.

Let’s face it – men have tougher, more rough hair which makes it all that much more difficult to just shave off. While shaving off my beard has always been quite easy with my Philips shaver, or even a Mach3, my job needs me to keep my chest hair trimmed to say the least.

I’ve tried everything from shaving to waxing, but neither offers me the solution I need. Basically I need a treatment that keep the hair from growing astray for at least two good weeks.

While some of my friends suggested I go for electrolysis, lets’ just say that I don’t have the thousands of dollars that such a procedure demands.

Hair removal cream for menFrom all my research online, I came to the conclusion that hair removal creams are probably the best option that most men has for getting rid of any unwanted hair.

When I actually began searching for a decent cream for this purpose, I ended up with over 9 different creams – yes, none of them really worked the way I needed them to.

It was much later in my search when I was told about some highly recommended solutions. The two creams I was told about are:

  • Revitol, and
  • Dermology

Having tried both of these creams separately for over four months each, I can safely vouch for their ability and inclusion on this list of the best hair removal cream for men.

While I did read the many dermology reviews published out there, none of them told me about the whether this cream would be effective for the more coarse hair that we men tend to grow.

What I really like about Dermology was that it didn’t take forever to complete the entire removal process – it took me a total of 5 minutes to get done on my chest.

Revitol is another great cream that managed to be just as effective as the previous brand. With Revitol, I really appreciated the added benefits of a cream that was odorless and rather cool on the skin.

It can definitely recommend both of these cream for any man looking to get rid of his unwanted hair at home. While my experience with hair removal has been less than fun, simply because it took me a long time to get around to finding out about creams like Revitol. I hope your experience is much better – all the best!

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