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Revitol cellulite cream is a popular treatment for women around the world to get rid of cellulite. The problem for new users looking to give this product a shot is that there is a major dearth of information available out there to provide them with useful reviews and insights.

The purpose of this Revitol cellulite cream review is to help women from around the world to figure out whether this treatment is the best solution for them to get rid of cellulite, or is it just another worthless skin care scam.

Revitol cellulite solution reviewBefore proceeding any further, allow me to confess – I’m not a professional skin care specialist. I have no experience whatsoever in reviewing such products; I am just like you – a regular customer looking for the best possible treatment to my skin problems.

While I have had people ask me about why I need to mention all of that, I think it’s quite appropriate to be completely transparent with you, the reader.

Yes, I have personally tried out Revitol cellulite on my thighs. The fact that I’ve actually been in your position is, in my belief, what probably makes my experience relevant to your decision making.

Before I go ahead and tell you about my experience with Revitol, allow me to first elaborate a little on the severity and extent of my cellulite problem. I hope this knowledge helps you to better gauge the effectiveness of Revitol.

First things first – I’m a 38-year-old single mother and accountant. Being a single parent isn’t easy, which is why I tend to have very little time to dedicate to myself.

My body has always been naturally toned and fairly well-built, but this all changed with my second pregnancy. Once I gave birth to Luke (my younger son), my body seemed to have given up on itself.

My skin began to develop everything from acne scars to stretch marks during the time. It was during this time that the skin on the back of my thighs began to develop these weird deep dimples.

This is when I began my search for an effective treatment for my cellulite – one that wouldn’t have me spending a large amount of money.

If there’s anything I found during those days it was that there are a lot of so-called treatments available out there. The problem is that not all of them work very well for most people.

Many articles online will tell you about how effective some home remedies are for getting rid of these dimples. The truth is that these remedies can only improve the overall condition of your skin – there’s no guarantee that such home remedies will have any positive result on your cellulite depressions.

I tried a number of these remedies for myself, mostly because the prospect of a free treatment really appealed to me. Alas, three months of being insanely religious about following these treatments, I had little to show for the time.

Desperate for a more effective solution I turned to the option of depilatory creams. This turned out to be a very, very confusing world to be searching through.

By the end of it I had tried well over 10 different creams, without any results to mention. Frustrated, I turned to the only reliable source of information I could think of – my friends.

Revitol cellulite solutionIt was my sister-in-law who mentioned Revitol cellulite. Since she claimed to have used it successfully herself, I didn’t really see any harm if trying it out on myself – boy, am I glad that I did!

Revitol was my perfect bet for getting rid of the cellulite that had plagued my skin for years now. If you think that this cream will work for you within the first month itself, then you’re wrong.

It took a good 4 months of daily application for me to begin noticing some change in my dimples. Soon after the fifth month of application, I was at a point where I can safely claim to have NO cellulite at all!

The purpose of this Revitol cellulite cream review is to help you figure out whether this is a product that you want for yourself.

I can’t possibly vouch for it’s effectiveness for you; but I can safely say that this was the only cream that worked to remove my dimples, without costing me a little fortune.

Most of the readers here have loved this offer for buying Revitol. You can try it for yourself!

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