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Revitol Scar cream is a relatively new entrant into the skin care products segment meant to get rid of scars caused by acne, surgery, or injury.

The purpose of this Revitol Scar cream review is to help men and women from around the world to explore the opportunity that this product may present to them to get rid of their scars.

While Revitol is an established and much-loved skin care brand for its many products that include solutions for stretch marks, cellulite, hair removal, and aging, the brand is yet to establish its place at dealing with frustrating problem of acne, and acne scars.

Before I move ahead and tell you about my experience with this Revitol cream, allow me to first elaborate on the severity and extend of my scar problem. I hope my experience with this skin care hazard can help you figure out a solution for yourself, as well asĀ gaugeĀ the effectiveness this cream for scar removal.

I’m a 36-year-old mother of two beautiful children, a girl and a boy. Being a single parent for the last 4 years has taken its toll on my health, body, and overall appearance.

Honestly, there have been days when I couldn’t bear the thought of brushing my teeth in front of the bathroom mirror, least I might sneak a peak at my face!

Yes, I’ve had acne scars ever since I was a teenager. Pimples have always been a part of my life, but it was always the kind I could generally not obsess over. Yeah, I’ve had those prom night scares, but nothing life threatening.

All that general apathy with my marks went on a hike when the second pregnancy came calling. After delivering baby Mike (my son), I assumed that all the pregnancy hormones would just recede to the deep, dark place they were probably infesting earlier. I was wrong.

Despite being well and over with the trying, yet magical, experience of life birth, my face was crowded with pimples on every square inch. Yes, that’s how I began to see the skin on my face – as little quadrants infested with pimples, scars, and blemishes.

It didn’t take long for these marks to completely take over my social life. Soon I wasn’t even stepping out to the supermarket, and dreaded the prospect of picking up my children from school. Yeah, I admit it openly, but hey, I love my kids and I’ve always been there for them.

Frustrated with the whole idea of not encouraging my babies to be more social and friendly, I was as obvious as day that I needed to get rid of those scars ASAP!

After doing some quick research online, my findings led to make the following three observations:

  • Laser removal of these scars is the best option, but it is also the most expensive of all treatments available. I personally admit that I couldn’t really manage to afford the cost; it was time to look elsewhere.
  • There are countless home remedies available out there, but there is too much speculation about their effectiveness. Having tried a few since then, I can’t really recommend such treatments to you.
  • The third and final option was to find a topically applied cream, of which there were many.

The third was the best treatment for me simply because it promised me results for a price that was quite acceptable. Thus, I began my search for an effective scar removal cream. Trust me when I say that there are far too many brands available out there!

In the end, I must have ordered at least 11 different creams to try out on my skin – not all together, but one at a time. The problem with most of them was that they really didn’t work.

The few that showed me any change took a good six months, and only managed to make my scars fade a little, only to return in full vigor once I stopped application. I obviously needed a cream that promised me permanent, long-lasting results in at least half the time as the others.

Revitol scar removal creamThat’s around the time I came across Revitol Scar. Since I have used their cellulite cream before, I didn’t really mind giving this one a nice good shot – at this very moment I’m really glad that I did.

First things first – Revitol is really cheap! The price you pay for it is really worth it. I began applying it regularly on my scars daily, and noticed something just before the second month.

Don’t assume that the results we are talking about here are amazing. This is no miracle cure for scar removal. The truly amazing results took a little longer to show themselves.

The fourth month was when I knew that I had a winner on my hands. The blemishes that had been crowding my face for over 3 years now were gone. My skin was clean, clear, and undoubtedly healthy.

By taking advantage of this awesome discounted offer while buying the cream, I really got myself quite a deal. In case you’re interested to buy it, or find out more about it, I would suggest that you have a look at it for yourself.

I really hope this Revitol Scar cream review has helped you to figure out the best treatment for yourself. All the very best – I really wish you the very best of luck in your efforts to get rid of your scars.

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