Stretch Marks On Breasts – Tips For Getting Rid Of Them

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Stretch marks are among those skin care conditions that take a long time to get rid of, and in many cases, the results are permanent, if not long-lasting.

Stretch marks on breasts

Getting rid of the stretch marks on your breasts is both difficult, and something that will take a significant amount of time. If there’s one simple tip that all women would do good by keeping in mind, it is that patience and persistence is central for loosing these scars.

These marks tend to appear on one’s body as a result of excessive and/or rapid weight gain or loss, which is the case during a pregnancy, puberty, and even body building.

Truth be told, no one can be comfortable with such tears in the skin, especially when they appear on the breasts, which as we all know, is a major aesthetic aspect of being a woman.

The below mentioned tips will help women to reduce the appearance of the tears on their skin on and around their breasts:

  • The best method for getting rid of stretch marks is without a doubt using a depilatory cream. These creams use natural ingredients and components that are specially meant to reduce, and even remove, the streaks and tears that pose a skin care hazard for most women. Some of the best such creams, that have shown excellent results on the breast region, are TriLASTIN and Revitol stretch mark creams.
  • Regular exfoliation is an essential way for you to remove the layer of dead skin that a lot of of women develop over time. Upon observing this practice regularly, you would notice that it reveals blemish-free skin beneath. Don’t forget to moisturize the affected area with a moisturizer that has a collagen producing agent as an active ingredient. Expect to have smooth and toned skin in about a month, the marks will take a little longer to grow faint though.
  • Foods that are rich in Vitamin A, E, and C should be an integral part of your diet. Also include food items that contain adequate amounts of zinc and silica, which are helpful for renewing and regenerating worn out and dead skin cells. Some other foods that help in the process of getting rid of new and old scars are fish and vegetable oils, along with fresh vegetables.
  • Shea butter should be applied on dry breasts; it helps to reduce the prominence of these tears. Keeping your body well hydrated and moisturized should be a top concern for you. Regular application of shea butter will reduce their appearance within three months,
  • Tretinoin creams, which are available only on prescription, are also great for removing these scars from your body, provided that they are recent. This is a great alternative for women who have been pregnant recently, but not for those who are still breast feeding their infants.
  • Jojoba oil is excellent for this purpose, if it’s massaged on the breasts regularly. It helps to improve blood circulation in the area, which in turn helps to heal the tears making them less visible. Using jojoba oil is one of the best tips for getting rid of these marks.
  • The easiest and most cost-effective way for women to prevent and remove these scars is by drinking a good 2-3 liters of water every day. It helps to improve the skin’s texture, and strengthens its resistance against excessive stretching, thereby preventing it from tearing in the near future.

In order to get rid of the stretch marks on their breasts, women should obverse the above mentioned tips, aside from observing general skin care practices.

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