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There are a number of genital hair removal creams available in the market today. Unfortunately, not all of them effective, or even safe, for use on the genital region.

Genital hair removal creamsHaving tried a number of these cream if there’s one thing that I know – always, and I really mean always, first check up on the product before even considering to apply it.

I had the terrible mistake of just selecting blindly, and paid quite a price for it. I had to visit a gynecologist, and switch was put on antibiotics for three weeks. Well, I did learn my lesson, and am definitely less adventurous when it comes to my body.

The purpose of this article is to help you figure out the best genital hair removing cream. Since I’ve tried 7 of them on myself, I’m fairly confident that I know the ones that work from the ones that do nothing, and even those that come with a bounty of side effects.

Below you’ll find two of my personal recommendations. I’ve personally tried both of them on my genital region, and can vouch for their effectiveness.

In case you’re wondering whether these solutions for meant only for women, then I’ll have you know that both my picks work for men too. My husband is testament to that fact.

Without any further banter, let me proceed to give you, what I believe, are among the best hair removal solutions for the genital region:

#1 Dermology

Dermology Mens Genital Hair Removal Cream

Having tested more brands I would advice you to try, I’m certain of my decision – Dermology is undoubtedly the best cream for anybody who wants to get rid of their pubic hair.

It’s completely painless, and has no side effects at all. I’ve been using it for over 8 months now and can safely say that this is the best choice for anybody who wants to keep things neat and clean down under.

Something I really liked about this particular solution was that it actually made my previously-rough skin down there, quite smooth.

This for me is an added advantage, and probably the only reason why I put the Dermology removal cream on the number one spot.

After all, isn’t it great to have something that does everything it promises to, and then some more? What made this product an easy buy for me is the fact that I got all of this for cheap at a special offer that the company had running at the time.

Digging through my inbox, I managed to dig it up for you. In case you’re interested to buy the cream, or just want to find out more about it, go ahead and click right here.

What’s great about this product is that it works on your entire body, so in case you have some stray growth, anywhere from the

#2 Revitol

Revitol hair removal cream reviewThis skin care brand is among the best in the world. I’ve used everything from their stretch mark cream to their anti-aging treatment, with great results.

It really doesn’t come as a surprise to me that Revitol’s removal solution is great at what it’s supposed to do. Application, much like my former recommendation, is easy and simple enough for everybody.

What you get here is exactly what you paid for – an effective and inexpensive removal cream that does exactly what it promises from the get go – it gets rid of your unwanted hair regardless of the area of the body.

I found this awesome offer while looking around online, and quite clearly, there isn’t a better deal available anywhere!

Like I mentioned earlier, the reason Dermology received the rank that it did is simply because not only does it do everything it promises to, but it also makes your skin down there smooth.

I hope these recommendations have helped you figure out which solution, among the many genital hair removal creams, is best for you.

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I found this article very helpful for me, but I do have some questions I hope you will please answer for me. How often do you put the cream on? And also do you put it all over your genitals not just the bikini line, but near the entrance?
Kind regards.
-Krysi :)


Can you please tell me how many grams are in a single bottle of dermology hair removal.
Kind regards.

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