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Women aren’t the only ones using depilatory creams these days! There are a number of companies that produce a mens genital hair removal cream, which is not only effective, but also inexpensive. Let’s take a look at some of the best cream on the market today.

Mens genital hair removal cream

Being a man myself, I find it really annoying to have those thick strands growing down there. Not only is it uncomfortable during the summers, but it is also quite disconcerting when you get down to doing “it”.

Since I’m a professional lightweight fighter myself, you can imagine the amount I sweat for about 8-10 hours a day. Given my profession, any loose strand can prove to be the difference between a loss and a win.

So in my search for the best mens removal cream for the genital area, I came across a number of dedicated brands, some that were really expensive, and others that were inexpensive, but didn’t really make the cut.

Having tried around 9 creams on myself, I now have a fair idea of the mens cream that offers the best results, and the cream that doesn’t offer anything except leaving one a few dollars lighter.

Note: You wouldn’t be able to find either of these solutions over-the-counter anywhere since the companies only ship their products via the internet. For this very reason, I’ve also provided links to pages where you find out more about them, and even order them if you want.

So without pushing this any longer, allow me to present to you my own personal recommendation for getting rid of your genital hair:

#1 Dermology

Dermology Mens Genital Hair Removal Cream

This is without a doubt my own personal favorite. I’ve experienced everything from severe burns to mild discomfort while trying a range of different hair removal creams, but Dermology did none of these things.

In fact, it actually feels quite cool once you apply it on your genitals. As you probably can imagine, this is a definite positive that this removal solution has over the many others.

I’ve been using Dermology for some 3 and a half months now, and can safely say that it has managed to make my skin down there a little lighter. While that may be too much information for some of you, I think it is a definite advantage when it comes to the ladies. 😀

There’s nothing to really hate about this product – it does everything (and more) that it promises, without any side effects.

I had bought this product in bulk while it was on discount, and basically got two tubes for free. If you’re interested, you can click right here and take advantage of this hard to come across offer.

Another fact that makes me confident that this is the best solution for the job, is it’s cost, which is exactly what it should be. You get exactly what you pay for – an inexpensive and effective solution to your unwanted hair around and on your genital region.

#2 Revitol

Revitol hair removal cream review

Let me be honest about Revitol – I’ve been using their removal solution for over 3 years now for getting rid of the unwanted hair on my back and chest. It really did the job quite well, and I had no reason to look elsewhere.

The problem that I had with Revitol is that I wasn’t too sure about whether one should apply it on one’s private parts. It took me a while to shed the thought off, and once I did, it didn’t feel too good at first.

My scrotum got a little red for about 2 days, but that was it. The next time that I applied it there, I noticed no side effects. It’s just that one negative experience that kind of ticked me off about Revitol. You can check out more information about Revitol by clicking here. You’ll also find an offer I managed to dig out for you.

But that doesn’t mean much – simply because this mens genital solution works well, and it does the job for all it’s worth.

I personally however would nevertheless recommend Dermology, simply because when you choose it, not only do you get rid of the growth down there, but it also makes the skin down there fairer and smoother, without the worry of any side effects.

These two creams are the two best mens genital hair removal cream solutions available for men to take advantage of today. I confidently recommended going for either one of them – you certainly wouldn’t be disappointed.

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