Patsy Kensit Has Cellulite, But It’s Alright

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Patsy Kensit has cellulite, and this information comes from the actress’ mouth herself. The Holby City star has just revealed the growing amount of cellulite dimples that she has begun to notice all over her body.

The 42-year-old actress was quoted saying:

“I’m covered in cellulite. Everywhere, from the neck down. I’m very lined… and spotty. I look my age.”

Patsy has nevertheless claimed to be confident of her body. She went on to say:

“It’s rising. I would say gradually inside of me something is growing again. This has taken me to completely another world… of hairspray and eye lashes and glitter.”

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Patsy Kensit has cellulite

The actress was last in the news expressing her desire to never tie the know again. The Strictly Come Dancing star split from husband DJ Jerey Healy in April this year. The two were only married for all of 365 days.

Here’s what the newly single Ms. Kensit had to say about her many brushes with marriage:

“I’m looking forward now, with one million per cent conviction, that I definitely won’t be getting married again. It’s embarrassing, humiliating, all those terrible emotions that make you want to run away and hide.

“I can’t tell you how foolish and ashamed I feel. But I have to get on. There is no crime in falling down, the shame is in not picking yourself up.”

It’s great to see Patsy Kensit and cellulite in a story together. This condition is common to majority women worldwide, and there is no sense in saying otherwise.

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