Anti Cellulite Leggings – Katie Holmes Wears Them!

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It doesn’t matter how rich or popular one is – cellulite is known to affect and plague the prettiest and ugliest of us. But there’s a new solution on the market, that even has Katie Holmes sold – welcome the age of the anti cellulite leggings.

Anti cellulite leggingsWhen we have a super model, mom and women Cindy Crawford tell us something about beauty we tend to sit up and listen. The beauty recently confessed to the world:

I have cellulite. I admit it. But sometimes I just say, ‘Screw it, I am going to wear a bikini and I am not putting on a cover-up.

There is a lesson in there somewhere that tells us to let go and just be comfortable with our bodies. But as we all know that’s easier said than done.

Some statistics have reported the number of women who currently have cellulite dimples disfiguring some part of their bodies to be close to a staggering, eye-popping 90%. Here’s the honest truth – I (the writer) have the exact same problem too. My thighs, buttocks and tummy has distinct signs of these little pockets of fat.

Revitol cellulite solution is a unique product among the many already populating the market today. This particular Revitol solution is great for women to get rid of their dimples without the worry of side effects.

In a matter of 3-4 months you wouldn’t even recognize your body in the mirror anymore. You can get your hands on an exclusive free offer on the cream by clicking here.

But enough about Revitol! Let’s get back to this new invention of fat-fighting cellulite leggings mentioned earlier.

Lytess has a new line of slimming leggings that come with a claim of being capable to combat cellulite. Here’s what Lytess guru Philippe Lahmani has to say about the product:

When the garment massages against the skin, the microencapsulated active ingredients – caffeine and shea butter – are released in a controlled and gradual manner allowing you to reshape body.

After a little research, it’s obvious that the combination of shea butter and caffeine is meant to moisturize the skin, while draining excess fluids to active the process of lipolysis, which is basically the body’s process of breaking down stored fat.

Cellulite leggingsLytess promises that this range of leggings needs only 21 days to begin showing results. They recommend continuous usage of 8 hours every day, for at least 6 days in a week.

According to studies conducted by the manufacturer, this product has shown a reduction of over 2″ around the hips and a good inch off the thighs. No wonder Katie Holmes is a customer!

We will let you know more about these anti cellulite leggings that can assist weight loss around the hips and thighs in the days to come.

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