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If you too are wondering if laser stretch mark removal really works or not, then you are also part of a growing number of men and women desperately seeking for the perfect solution to get rid of these ugly scars.

This guide will help you to figure out the effectiveness of a laser-driven treatment to get rid of your stretch marks.

This condition is more commonly found in women, but is not all that uncommon among men. The abdominal region if the area of the body that is most afflicted by these tears in the skin tissues.

These marks can also found on the hips, thighs, buttocks, upper arms and lower back. Before proceeding any further, it’s important for everybody to understand the reasons why these scars develop in the first place.

Laser stretch mark removal


These disfiguring marks are caused by tears in the epidermal layer of the skin. When one’s skin does not contain adequate amounts of collagen and elastin, it tends to succumb to excess stress which in turn leads to such tears.

The relatively new scars tend to be more red or purple in their appearance.

This condition is quite common among growing teenagers since their bodies are still growing rapidly. Another reason for teenagers to be especially susceptible to the development of these tears is the hormonal fluctuations related to growth that occur in one’s body.

Other common causes include body building and sudden weight gain or loss. Pregnancy is of course a period during which these tears are almost guaranteed.

Some preexisting conditions, such as diabetes and Cushing’s syndrome, can also cause such damage of the epidermis layer.

Does It Work?

To begin understanding the effectiveness of this treatment, it’s important to first take a look at the procedure that is employed to get rid of these marks.

Following are the various steps involved in any successful laser removal procedure:

  • Using a special cleanser, the skin of the patient is first cleaned in order to remove all the oil and dirt that is present.
  • The next step is to use a concentrated laser to remove all the thin layers of the skin. This process is to reduce the appearance of the marks on the surface of your body.

This entire procedure is relatively painless. All a patient would feel is the sensation of being pinched or poked with a needle. It’s advisable to opt for more than one session to ensure  effective removal.

It is without a doubt that this method of removal does work. The only side effect that women frequently experience is that reddening and irritation of the patch for a few days following the treatment.

Every session can cost anywhere between $400 and $2000 depending on the dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon that you choose to visit.

Laser stretch mark removal before after photos

Precautions and Tips

Not everybody reports successful removal with this laser procedure. The primary reason for that is that the effectiveness if moderately variable depending on the skin type in question.

Given the expense involved, it is advised that you first visit the doctor for a general consultation. Upon seeing the severity of your condition, he/she may be able to provide a more reasonable assessment of what the outcome could be like.

Better Options

Depilatory creams are an excellent choice for women who can’t afford to go for the laser treatment. They are effective, fast-acting and quite inexpensive when compared to the laser removal method.

Revitol has an excellent 100% natural solution to treat this condition within just 3 months. Keep in mind though that these creams need to be applied at least twice a day for a good 3 months to be effective.

Revitol’s treatment is known to help men and women reduce and remove their new and old stretch marks without any side effects whatsoever.

To conclude, laser stretch mark removal does work effectively to remove these scars. However, it is quite expensive for most people, which is why creams like Revitol might be a better choice for most women.

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