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The latest treatment to join the growing number of celebrity aging solution block is a treatment regime being practiced in Korea. One can’t help but sit up and pay attention.

Everybody from Kristin Davis (Charlotte in Sex And The City), pop star Sheena Easton (hitmaker of “For Your Eyes Only”) to actors Suzanne Somers and Peter Fonda, were all caught resting it up in Korea last Sunday. The reason for visit had everything to do with fighting the signs of aging.

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All these celebrities had arrived to sample firsthand a luxurious range of skin care and anti aging services at a clinic thta opened doors to the public earlier this Tuesday.

The project has been built by CHA Health Systems, and is named “The Chaum Center”. This setup combines everything from oriental and western therapies, to alternative forms of medicines that are meant to slow down the aging process.

The celebrities were given the works, with a free medical check-up, a spa therapy, some stem cell skin care, and a nutritional consultation to get them to eat right.

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The chairman of ReGeneration, which is a health consultancy, Harlan Kleiman played a pivotal role in arranging this entire promotional visit. Kleiman is recognized widely as the founder of the MTV network.

In fact, it was in April when the businessman visited Korea and stumbled upon the idea, which at the time was in its design stage.

Celebrity aging treatments

Gripped by the entire concept, it was on his recommendation that the clinic saw itself exposed a healthy slice of Hollywood.

The president of the Chaum Center, Mr. Lee Jung-noh said the following in a press release:

“If we can attract foreign VIPs who have traditionally preferred Europe or Southeast Asia for holiday destinations with our advanced medical technology, it will boost Korean exports. We hope to earn US$36 million within two years from medical tourism.”

Celebrity aging treatments are the current rage for everybody looking for an effective anti aging solution to fight off everything from wrinkles to dark spots. Is it worth the price that such celebrity endorsements tend to encourage? One can only wait and see.

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