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While dealing with the problem of cellulite, countless men and women have probably given up a number of times. But you don’t have to be part of that trend. Cellulite exercises for your arms can help you to get rid of those depressions and excess fat pockets around your arms.A leading cause of these depressions to develop on the skin in the first place are the changes in one’s lifestyle. The various components of that lifestyle includes everything from your diet, exercise, mental satisfaction and even your genetic background.

To combat these discrepancies, cellulite exercises can be of great help to reduce, and even remove, the dimples covering your arms. Revitol Cellulite Cream is the best option if you have the patience to apply a cream religiously everyday.

This condition is caused due to the accumulation of excess fat in between the layers of the tissue. Due to greater density, the different layers behind to get bent out of shape, which it then displayed extrinsically as those ugly depressions we all hate to have so very much.

Here are the best exercises to help you with reducing the appearance of your dimples:

  • Cellulite exercises for armsSquats

Squats are easy to perform. Just stand with your legs spread a bit wider than your shoulders. Look straight ahead and lift your shoulders up, back, and around, all the while sticking your chest out. Don’t begin immediately stretching your body too far. Start slow, and gradually pick up the pace.

Now gently contract your abdomen while you straighten your spine. Bend your knees slowly in a frame that represents sitting down on a chair.

Lower yourself slowly, but make sure that your knees do not go past the point your toes are resting at on the ground. Now it’s time to slowly and steadily begin coming back into a standing position. Repeat this entire routine at least 10 times a day.

  • Lunges

Much like squats, lunges too kick off from the standing position. You need to take a step back and lift your back heel so that your body weight is concentrated on the ball of your back foot.

Now slowly on the count of four allow both your knees to bend while ensuring that your knees don’t cross your toes. This precaution is exactly the same mentioned for the previous exercise.

Again now, on the count of four, begin to raise yourself to an erect position, while controlling the muscles of your backside and hamstring.

  • Isometric Exercises

These are basically exercises that contract the muscles without really forcing them to stretch and move much. You can easily perform these steps while standing.

They are extremely good to target those areas of the body that are most vulnerable to the development of cellulite, which means that they focus on the backside, hips and thighs.

Begin this exercise by standing up with your feet spread a little wider than your shoulders. Now contract the muscles present in your hips, thighs, and bottom. Ensure that the pelvis is pushed forward with your abdomen contracting towards the lower part of your back.

Try holding this position for up to 30 seconds while inhaling and exhaling only through your nose. The next step is to shift your pelvis back while pushing your bottom outwards. This is all done while you are still contracting your muscles. Hold this position for another 30 seconds while breathing through your nose.

The last step is to bend your body into the sitting position. Keep your muscles contracted for thirty seconds.

Another similar exercise that is effective to reduce the prominence of your dimples is to lay flat on your back with your arms on both sides and your legs resting on a chair. Now lift your body below your shoulder upwards while trying to concentrate most of the weight on your lower body.

Let’s start with one leg first – lift it up for a good 10 seconds or so. Lower this leg for the same period. Switch between the legs for a good 10-15 minutes. Don’t forget to keep your abdomen contracted will performing these steps.

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It is advised that you first visit a physician in case of any resulting pain or discomfort. You can always do these cellulite exercises for your arms in a local gym with the help of a professional trainer.

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